Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Update on Mr. Boo - Again

Just walked down into the pasture to take a little grain to my injured boll.  He loves it so this is a treat for him.

He has been laying down with his injured leg (right front) out straight since the first morning, eight days ago now.  Tonight, he had the leg curled back underneath his body.  Well, it is not exactly under him.  It's folded up beside hime.

I also noticed he will lay over on his side, which even though that is a bit unnerving, he raises right up when you talk to him.  And when I delivered him his grain, he was all alert and up.

I can only assume he lays over to take pressure off that leg, bug at least he is folding it now.

It still points to a severe sprain, twist, or pull of a joint to muscle.  But he went to hay this morning with the cows.  And that is a first.

So, bottom line, I am seeing changes which I interpret as improvements.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Mr. Boo update, and New Baby

Mr. Boo is walking but with difficulty.  He's making his way clear out into the back field and back, though he spends time laying down waiting for me to come feed him grain or hay.  So, think he's doing about as well as can be hoped.

Momma and her new baby.  She was vigorously licking the calf when I took this one.
Last night I watched this cow, standing alone in the pasture outside my yard,  I felt she'd probably secreted the baby somewhere, and I looked around a little.e I really wasn't very worried, because she looked as if the baby had nurse, and she didn't seem worried.

When I went out int fr reaches of the back field to check on Mr. Boo, she and the baby were tight together, which is what I figured.  All seems well.

And I think Mr Boo is doing about as well as he can for the moment.  Seems to be walking more, so obviously making progress.